Sci-fi romance novels Dark Awakening and Dark Gathering are sold in print and digital format.You’ve read a beautiful romance novel that left you with goosebumps and now you’re hopeful you can find something just like it. But before you move on to the next book in the series or another author and book, there’s something you need to do…

Make sure you leave a glowing book review. Whether it’s on Goodreads, Amazon or you have a blog where you review products and books, you want to write a few words about the author. Make it clear why you loved the book, why you want more and what it was that drew you in from the very beginning.

It doesn’t matter if you’re reading a cozy mystery or inspiring sci-fi romance, leaving a glowing book review is essential. Here are three reasons to do it right now.

You Help Spread the Word

More authors than ever are going the independent publishing route. This means they don’t have the backing of a big publishing house. It’s great for them and you because more books are making it to the internet. There’s more choice and more affordable options for readers. Many of these self-published books become well-known household names and can eventually be picked up by publications.

But the authors need your help.

While there are many great authors out there, self-publishing also means a lot of mediocre and poor writers put their books out into the digital newsstand. Suddenly, your favorite author is hidden underneath the clutter and it’s harder for other people to find out about them. It’s harder for the big publishing houses to learn about them.

So, they need you to leave glowing reviews. Get the word out there about the book titles and author names to look out for. Your reviews will help other readers learn about the authors and decide whether a book is worth buying.

Tell Amazon to Promote Titles

The more reviews a book gets on Amazon, the more promotion that book receives. Authors with a lot of reviews will be put first in the search results, highlighted in the newsletter and more. They become the most popular romance novels and are pushed to you as recommended options based on your previous reads.Amazon controls 71% of the e-book market where Dark Awakening and Dark Gathering are sold

You want to make sure your favorite author gets that treatment. While a particular sci-fi romance is your favorite, others may not have heard of it. With glowing reviews on Amazon, you tell the marketplace to push that particular novel to other people. You ensure it is considered for a place on the highlights and recommendations.

This then helps the author become a household name. And, of course, you help boost the chances of reason #1!

Higher Chance of National Recognition

Many authors will tell you that they just wanted to get their book written. They wanted one person to read it and they would be happy. But that’s not always the case. Most authors want to know that people love their books and book reviews tell them that.

But that’s not all! The book reviews also help others find them—and by others, I mean promotional services, movie agents and more. With the right eyes, a book can be turned into a movie or TV show. Think of the likes of Fifty Shades of Grey, Outlander, Game of Thrones and Twilight. Many of these authors were unknown until people started leaving book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Outlander was a romance novel turned to television series, just like Dark Awakening and Dark Gathering are hoping to be.As the books grew in popularity, networks and movie production houses realized there was a story to tell. If it wasn’t for the reviews, they would have never heard of some of the authors or book names. You help your favorite authors get the recognition you know they deserve.

Even if the books aren’t turned into movies, your authors will be spotted by promotional services. Your favorite romance novel can then be pushed out through billboards and featured in newspapers and magazines. That author will then have more money and confidence to write a sequel, a trilogy or try that out-of-this-world sci-fi romance novel they’ve always wanted to write. You get more from your favorite author all because of your glowing book review.

And here comes my author pitch…

Before you pick up Dark Gathering, consider leaving a review for Dark Awakening. Or better yet, if you’ve read them both, please consider writing a review for each. The book review doesn’t have to be long — a simple “Great book” or “I like this!” will do the trick! And trust me when I say I rely on your reviews to sell more books and gain more recognition.Dark Awakening and Dark Gathering by romance novelist, Karlene Cameron

The author of your favorite romance novel–and I–will love you forever.

Do you regularly write reviews for your favorite authors? If so, what was the last book you reviewed? Drop me a line below — I’d love to find a new romantic read!