Dark Awakening and Dark Gathering by romance novelist, Karlene CameronIt’s been a little over a year since Dark Awakening, my first novel, was released. At the time, I didn’t think anything could replace the joy, excitement, nervousness and hope that came from the release of that first novel.

But the release of my second novel, Dark Gathering, has brought back that euphoric rush — and amplified it, if that’s even possible. It’s exciting, nerve-wracking and surreal all at the same time. Dark Gathering and Author Karlene Cameron's latest sci fi romance novelThere is almost nothing greater than getting that first proof copy that signals the book’s release is just around the corner. And while the very act of releasing a new novel is exciting, I want to take a moment and thank some very special people who helped make all this possible.

Special thanks…

For all of my writer friends, authors and aspiring authors, thank you. Your encouragement, tweets, social love, engagement and help have been a source of inspiration, fuel for the writing fire, and also a good kick in the pants when I’ve needed it. You all are such an amazing community of talent that understands the highs and lows associated with our craft.

For my family, thanks for hanging in there with me. For providing words of encouragement, for reading MANY drafts, spotting the plot bunnies and areas that just don’t make sense. Thanks for listening to me rattle on about character development, time traveling and other writing nonsense…and still loving me despite all the craziness!

For my long-time friends, I love that I can count on you. Whether it’s weighing in on a chapter or the entire book, your encouragement and support have been at the heart of my creative drive.

And to all of my readers, you really are the best! I love the reviews, blog comments, social shares and interaction you give on a daily basis. Your enthusiasm and excitement for the Dark World trilogy is what keeps me going. And for those of you holding out hope for a movie…I’m right there with ya!

So without further commentary, enjoy the introduction to Dark Gathering, below.

Introducing Dark Gathering

Dark Gathering, by author Karlene Cameron is ow available in paperback and digital format.

He’ll gather his armies. She’ll wage the war.

Caitriona Sinclair and Duncan MacKinnon won the battle to save mankind…or so they thought. But the tyrannical leader of the New World Order, Brady Hawkins, is alive…and set on revenge.

Now, Caitriona finds herself in a fierce tug-of-war between duty and love where she’ll be forced to betray the man she loves or save humanity. But when a serendipitous accident leaves Caitriona alone and unaware of who she is and the special powers she has that can end the war and unite them all, the race is on for Duncan MacKinnon to find the gifted Seer, restore her memories and keep her out of the Order’s deadly clutches.

From the beautiful and rugged Mexican desert, to the historic monuments and buildings of Washington DC., Caitriona Sinclair finds herself in a desperate race to remember who she is and stop the New World Order from eviscerating the world of magic forever.

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Dark Awakening, by Karlene Cameron. Available in print and digital format.

Dark Awakening is the first book in the Dark World trilogy and is published by Black Velvet Seductions.

Dark Gathering is available in paperback and digital format. The digital version is part of Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited program and can be read for free. The cover was designed by The Killion Group.

Dark Gathering, by author Karlene Cameron is ow available in paperback and digital format.
Now available in paperback and digital format.