New World Order Fact or Fiction

e Pluribus Unum. Under the New World Order’s rule, this could take on a new meaning entirely.

While the idea of a New World Order is certainly not new, it can still be challenging (even for the most stoic of conspiracy theorists) to imagine a world ruled entirely by a totalitarian government; one leader, one currency, one religion…one government. After all, humanity is far too enlightened to believe the reams of propaganda and carefully crafted media messages being poured down our throats…or are we?

The aforementioned Latin phrase (used on the seal of the United States), translates to “out of many, one.” While this phrase was initially chosen to represent the 13 colonies which came together to form the United States, there are conspiracy theorists who believe the phrase describes a darker era still to come. A time where a single entity will hold total power over many people. In short, a government that rules its people with an iron fist, and gives the populace little to no voice.

Indeed, in more recent times, QAnon has become synonymous with conspiracy theories and the overthrow of our democratic government.

The New World Order is certainly an interesting theory and one that several authors have explored, including George Orwell and Dan Brown.

In my sci-fi romance novel, Dark Awakening, the New World Order becomes the central backdrop for a love story that unfolds as one man leads a rebellion against the New World Order’s oppressive and genocidal rule. It’s the type of material that lends itself to great fiction. But could there be any truth behind the theory?

In the Western world, we look at the “New World Order” as being something that could only ever exist in a novel. Yes, there are small groups of people living in compounds across the country who are arming up for the revolution, as they firmly believe the government is on the brink of assuming total control. But are these people fanatics or simply more in tune with the current political and economic climate of our time?

Is it possible that the United States could become the next North Korea? Citizens there are constantly fed a steady diet of carefully controlled, government supplied information, and are not allowed to travel outside their borders. Other countries like Cuba, Syria, and some of the smaller nations that formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union could also be painted with the totalitarian brush. So could a totalitarian government happen here in the United States?

New World Order ConspiracyLooking ahead

In order for the United States to adopt a New World Order, most conspiracy theorists believe that something catastrophic will need to happen within the borders of this nation. Indeed, many pointed to the more recent Capitol insurrection as evidence that a take over was imminent.

In my romantic sci-fi, Dark Awakening, the collapse of Christianity preceded by a catastrophic earthquake provides the genesis of the New World Order coming to power. But outside the world of fiction, what are the events that could herald us into a New World Order era? Will the fire starter be when oil supplies become scarce? Or perhaps the current pandemic that has forced the government to restrict movement of its people will become the catalyst.

While these are worst case scenarios that few of us believe can happen in a civilized country where the government adheres to a series of checks and balances, there are also those who believe those in power are already moving us toward a totalitarian government.

Consider President Obama’s speech given on September 28, 2015 before the UN’s General Assembly, where he repeatedly uses the words “international system,” a “system of international rules and norms,” an “international order,” an “integrated world,” as well as “international norms and principles and law.” Indeed, the President’s final statement leads many to believe we are subtly entering an era of a New World Order. President Obama states, “Strong nations, above all, have a responsibility to uphold this international order.”

Clearly, fear and uncertainty is everywhere, especially with the more recent Capitol insurrection, and is too often driven by media coverage of events and news designed to mold us to ‘group think.’ Despite this, are our leaders giving us subtle warnings of what’s to come? Conditioning us through media and propaganda so we are more likely to accept the idea of a totalitarian government as it incrementally worms its way into mainstream society?

In The Handmaid’s Tale, the idea of a totalitarian government takes center stage. As becomes eerily apparent, a take-over ensues because citizen rights are slowly eroded.  This theme continues throughout the series and in Season 3, we are introduced to the DC Handmaid’s who are furthere silenced through face coverings and lip rings. Not all territories have adopted the silencing rings and face coverings. But as the viewer quickly learns, these items are soon seen in other territories: voluntary at first, then strongly encouraged, and finally, mandated.

So. Many. Parallels.

Indeed, the 1985 novel, written by Margaret Atwood was inspired by social and political events of the early 1980s…and seems even more relevant today.

Consider the following quote made by George H.W. Bush during his State of the Union address in 1991:

“We will succeed in the Gulf. And when we do, the world community will have sent an enduring warning to any dictator or despot, present or future, who contemplates outlaw aggression. The world can therefore seize this opportunity to fulfill the long-held promise of a new world order – where brutality will go unrewarded, and aggression will meet collective resistance.” — George. H. W. Bush, State of the Union address in 1991.

In the world we live, quotes such as those made by George H.W. Bush and President Obama induce fear in the average individual when thinking of the New World Order.  With this, many are reminded that the rich and elite have a tight grip on their power over average society.  Core government leaders and national figures, all across the earth, are almost always those of high economic standing. And while recognition of this presents increased concern among the average population, most continue to plod blindly along, convinced these are the interpretations of the fanatical few.

Do those in possession of great wealth dictate the future?

One World Government

Many times money and power are equivalent.  Those of great wealth and status can exist in a seemingly different set of rules than the average individual, and because of this, can do colossal damage at the expense of the average citizen.  With this in mind, it becomes understandable to question the safety and direction of our Nation’s future.

“Better rarely means better for all.”

Currently, the majority of the world’s money rests in the hands of the elite and wealthy. What’s even more concerning is that global inequality is growing, with half the world’s wealth now in the hands of just 1% of the population, according to a new report.

“In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.”
Strobe Talbot, Deputy Secretary of State, TIME, July l992

Is the theory of the New World Order entirely off?  Or do romantic sci-fi books like Dark Awakening  and Dark Gathering portend a future that is very close at hand?

This article has been updated February, 2021, with information regarding our current, political clime.

Drop me a line below and let me know if you think the New World Order is fact or fiction?