Dark Awakening, the first novel in the Dark World trilogy. By author, Karlene CameronTen years ago, bored with my day job and frustrated with the love stories I was reading, I decided to write a romance novel. Not just any romance; I wanted characters I could relate to . . . a heroine who wears her emotions on her sleeve;  a hero, conflicted between duty and love. More importantly, I wanted to challenge conventional thinking.

At the time I started writing, I wasn’t thinking of passive voice, character arcs, or head

hopping.  (Let’s face it . . . I didn’t have a clue what those were!) And I certainly wasn’t dreaming of publication or seeing my name in print. I simply wanted something to do to break the monotony of the work day, that would force me to venture beyond my own experiences and gain a better understanding of other traditions, cultures and belief systems.

Today, Dark Awakening is the embodiment of so much more.

Along the way, I discovered that my own beliefs about religion and politics were challenged and tested. I found that it’s far too easy to pass judgement when you lack life experience and context. Fortunately (as life has a way of doing), we are eventually given obstacles and set backs that force us to re-examine our values and sometimes, (if we are lucky), we find that life isn’t always as black and white as we once believed.

So on that note, I want to thank the people who’ve brought me here today: my editor, proof reader, friends, family and publisher. Your support, encouragement and unwavering belief in me are beyond what I could express in words.  I also want to thank those who opened my eyes and heart to different life-walks. I’ve learned so much from your life journeys and paths that a simple thank you seems almost hollow.

For the many individuals who helped and supported me along this incredible journey, and for all those who’ve ever felt alone or who’ve taken the long path to their dream, Dark Awakening is for you.

Karlene Cameron and Dark Awakening