Dark Awakening is book one in the Dark World trilogy.


He awakened her destiny. She awakened his soul.

In this page-turning sci-fi romance novel by new author, Karlene Cameron, conspiracy theories, religion and political themes are explored, all in an inspiring, breath-taking, romance novel where the complexities of love become apparent, and traditional notions, values and ideals are challenged.

In a provocative tale where well-known conspiracy theories come to life, Dark Awakening explores challenging questions: What if a covert organization rises and takes hold of mass consciousness? What if what we’ve been taught about religion is not entirely true? What if there are those among us who have a genetic predisposition to ‘magical’ abilities?

Dark Awakening explores these questions and more, giving the reader a fresh look at old ideas, wrapped in a romantic love story that won’t disappoint.

A romance novel that will leave you wanting more.

For two centuries the New World Order has engineered natural disasters and committed genocide to reduce the planet’s population to a manageable size. Using the church to persecute and control the masses, the New World Order has created a perfectly behaved, genetically ideal society. Heavily outnumbered, the rising Templar faction desperately seeks an advantage that will end the war and win their freedom.

Locating the seer of their prophecies, the Templars send one of their leaders, Duncan MacKinnon, back in time to abduct the reckless and magically-gifted Caitriona Sinclair, whose powers are essential in helping the vastly outnumbered Templars shake off the shackles of oppression and win their freedom.

Reckless, yet fragile; tough and determined, Caitriona Sinclair is deeply sensitive and troubled. From childhood, she has suffered from her unique ‘gift’ of strange visions, which she’s spent her life trying to ignore—especially as her death is a constant recurring vision. Abducted by a man she learns is from two hundred years in her future, she finds herself in a future world and power struggle she knows nothing about. She soon learns that her gifts and diversity are qualities celebrated by the Templars but seen as a dangerous threat to the tyrannical New World Order.

Intensely and passionately drawn to her abductor, Caitriona learns she is to be bound to another man so she can channel her energies and perform her allotted role as seer in the Templars’ and the sub-societal Dwellers’ struggle against the Order’s autocracy. Trying desperately to understand her role as seer, Caitriona’s and Duncan’s initial animosity blossoms to friendship and, despite themselves, explodes into a strong and passionate love neither has known before and neither can fully control.

Fighting to expose Duncan and acquire the Seer for political gain is Brady Hawkins, leader of the New World Order. He will stop at nothing to dispose of MacKinnon and secure the beautiful Caitriona for his own personal and lascivious satisfaction.

Through it all, Caitriona and Duncan fall in a desperate and deep love, struggling not to give in to their passions. But with Caitriona bound to another, and Duncan bound to his oath to protect and free his people, love, it seems, cannot always conquer all.