One battle does not win the war…and the war is coming.

The New World Order is on a sinister mission to eradicate anyone with magical abilities — including Caitriona Sinclair and her unborn child. Knowing the child is possibly the most magically gifted yet, Duncan entrusts Nicolas with their protection while he sets out to locate other magicals.

Through an inexplicable connection to her thoughts and fears, Duncan becomes privy to an impending attack and knows his absence could be Caitriona’s demise — even with her magical abilities and Nicolas by her side.

Facing unexpected hurdles at every turn, Caitriona and Duncan must prepare for the ultimate battle against the New World Order and — with the help of his recruits — attempt to defeat them once and for all.

Even in magic, they learn, prophecy and visions are never absolute.

Dark Storm is the final book in the Dark World trilogy.