A genetic link to magic makes her the ultimate weapon in a high-stakes war that could be humanity’s only hope for freedom. 

Dark Gathering, by author Karlene Cameron is ow available in paperback and digital format.
Now available in paperback and digital format.

In this eagerly awaited sequel to Dark Awakening, Karlene Cameron has crafted a remarkable world of intrigue, magic and love. Dark Gathering continues Caitriona Sinclair and Duncan MacKinnon’s journey to free all men from the tyranny and persecution of the New World Order.

With political and religious undertones, Dark Gathering transports a reader to a future world not unlike our own; where differences can be lethal and diversity is a threat. This book delivers all of the page-turning excitement found in Dark Awakening, and with new characters joining the fight and lots of unexpected twists and turns, this book is sure to delight romance readers and sci-fi fans alike.

She will stop at nothing to find a way home. Even if it means betraying the man she loves.

Caitriona Sinclair and Duncan MacKinnon won the battle to save mankind…or so they thought. But the tyrannical leader of the New World Order, Brady Hawkins, is alive…and set on revenge.

Now, Caitriona finds herself in a fierce tug-of-war between duty and love where she’ll be forced to betray the man she loves or save humanity. But when a serendipitous accident leaves Caitriona alone and unaware of who she is and the special powers she has that can end the war and unite them all, the race is on for Duncan MacKinnon to find the gifted Seer, restore her memories and keep her out of the Order’s deadly clutches.

From the beautiful and rugged Mexican desert, to the historic monuments and buildings of Washington DC., Caitriona Sinclair finds herself in a desperate race to remember who she is and stop the New World Order from eviscerating the world of magic forever.

Readers give Dark Gathering a thumbs up

“Karlene Cameron is such a great storyteller and writer, and Dark Gathering is well done.” — Lisa Z.

” I really hope they turn this book into a movie or mini series!” — Laura T.