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Get a Sneak Peek into Dark Gathering, the Much-Anticipated Sequel to Dark Awakening



For those of you eagerly anticipating the sequel to Dark Awakening, set your sights on the Chihuahuan desert and Naica mountain in sunny Mexico.

What makes this setting so perfect for Dark Gathering? Continue reading “Get a Sneak Peek into Dark Gathering, the Much-Anticipated Sequel to Dark Awakening”

Deleted Prologue from Dark Awakening


Dark Awakening started with a very different beginning from the one many of you read. In fact, by the time Dark Awakening went to the publisher, the book was over 103,000 words—in other words, (no pun intended!)—too long! After some consultation with my publisher, Black Velvet Seductions, we decided to cut the prologue. (Spoiler Alert: parts of the prologue eventually make its way into the body of the story (the beauty of time travel!), so it wasn’t completely lost.

But, for those who want to know how Dark Awakening originally began, here’s the prologue you never read:

Continue reading “Deleted Prologue from Dark Awakening”

3 Ways to Develop Believable Characters That Pull Readers In


As a romance author who strives to create engaging romantic sci fi story lines, one of the challenges I face when I put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) is finding character inspiration. Whether you are writing a romance novel or an out-of-this-world interstellar space odyssey, your characters are always the most important part of your story. Continue reading “3 Ways to Develop Believable Characters That Pull Readers In”

3 Ways to Balance Marketing Your Book and Writing Your Next Novel

Karlene Cameron author

I like to keep things simple.

And when it comes to marketing my romance novel, Dark Awakening, I take the same approach. Continue reading “3 Ways to Balance Marketing Your Book and Writing Your Next Novel”

Backstory: Episode 4, Nicolas LaFelle


Nicolas LaFelle kicked a soccer ball as he ran along the splintering asphalt street. He deftly alternated the ball between each leg as he fought to maintain control. Behind him, a group of boys ran, trying to catch him and take possession of the worn ball. Their laughter was infectious as they ran and played, seemingly unaware of the inequalities that existed in their world. Continue reading “Backstory: Episode 4, Nicolas LaFelle”

Writing a Love Story—3 Rules You Shouldn’t Break!

Romantic sci-fi novel Dark Awakening

Writing a love story requires so much more than setting up a couple of characters and telling an audience how they fell in love. It’s a lesson in capturing the spirit of life and love. It should be messy, brilliant, full of highs and lows. Continue reading “Writing a Love Story—3 Rules You Shouldn’t Break!”

Candy Crush is my DOC

There, I said it. I can almost hear the groans and see your eyes rolling. Time wasted. Productivity lost. But before you pass judgement, let me explain.

Continue reading “Candy Crush is my DOC”

Dark Awakening Backstory: The Car Accident, Episode 3

Dark-Awakening-car-accident“Shotgun,” Caitriona Sinclair yelled as she raced toward the midnight blue SUV sitting in the driveway. She pulled the hood of her jacket over her head to guard  against the rain that was coming down in sheets. Continue reading “Dark Awakening Backstory: The Car Accident, Episode 3”

The Hardest Part is Getting Started

Rooster crowing wakes up author Karlene CameronI’ve got a love-hate relationship with the neighbor’s rooster. While his early morning wake up call is a reminder of the city noise we traded when we moved to the country, I was a little shocked that Rodney Rooster’s clock seems perpetually stuck at 3:00 am. What rooster does that? Apparently, Rodney. Continue reading “The Hardest Part is Getting Started”

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